I was inspired by an early age to interpret the world around me in terms of pattern and color. While my work has progressed from a landscape finger painting of my backyard, I like to think the roots of my artistry have simply spread into different mediums with more global inspirations.

I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and grew up in suburban DC spending as much time as possible at the National Gallery of Art. I studied painting and received my BFA from Indiana University in Bloomington. I moved to San Diego where I painted and went scuba diving, creating large, colorful, abstract canvases inspired by the awesome natural landscape. I migrated north to Seattle where I made jewelry, worked at Boeing and got to fly a 767 flight simulator used to train pilots. Immersed as I was in thoughts of the sky I became interested in the constellations and began obsessively painting dot and line patterns. I took the plunge and moved to New York City to study Textiles at F.I.T. After graduation I worked as a Design Manager at several high end rug companies, creating organic, whimsical, abstract and repeat patterns using a variety of constructions and materials. There is a special thrill walking on a carpet that you created out of white space. I was fortunate enough to travel not only to a factory in Guatemala, but also to international rug shows in Europe to research trends and new developments in the trade. My freelance portfolio includes original prints for the apparel industry as well as consulting on color and space with interior decorators.

Recently I’ve started a handwoven carpet company in Bellingham, WA called True North Textiles. We weave custom rugs for the Interior Design trade.